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How do I register for an account?
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There are a few things to think of when registering an account with Defence Gateway. To begin with go on to the "Defence Gateway Website" and look at the log in page for "Don't have an account? Register" and click on the link.

This will bring up a page with a series of questions to find out what sort of account you need. If you have a DBS(JPA/HRMS) provided staff/service number you can click "Yes" to the first question and if you don't click "No".

If you have a DII personal email address (e.g. [email protected]) then click "Yes" for the second question and again if you don't click "No".

If you don't have a DII personal email address or a staff/service number and need access to the DLE click "Yes" for the third option but if you don't, after clicking "No", you will be given several options. "Civilian access to ASG", "... to PDev Portal", "... to DStan" or "PCCBC Attendee" are the choices you have.

If you use these options you will be able to create an account for that specific App but will have limited access to just these areas.

Once you've decided which box you fall into you will want to fill out the fields provided, on both pages, and an email will be sent to you to confirm your account's authenticity. Click on the long link which is provided in this email and a window will open on Defence Gateway to confirm everything has worked as it should.

The last option you have, if you don't need access to DLE, ASG, PDev, DStan or PCCBC but still want an account, is to be sponsored by someone else, who has a current DGW account. They will be able to set up a guest account for you in their "My Settings" section on the Defence Gateway home page.

Also please ensure your SyOps is up to date otherwise this will stop you from getting online via DII. The SPOC can help you with any issues you have with SyOps or EGS.

If you keep getting stuck while trying to go through this process, someone on the Defence Gateway service desks will be able to assist you; so please submit a ticket or send an email to one of the relavent inboxes provided on the submit a ticket page.

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