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Email Quota Information and FAQs
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Defence Gateway accounts for Royal Navy, Army and Cadet users include an email account, allowing you to communicate over the internet freely at an OFFICIAL level. You can login to your Webmail here - https://mail.defencegateway.mod.ukThere is a 1GB email storage limit per account, and you will not be able to send emails if you are over this limit.


Why do I keep getting ""Following sender was not accepted:..." when trying to send an email?

This is the message you will receive when you are over the quota. You will need to reduce the size of your mailbox in order to continue sending emails. Please note you will continue to be able to receive emails regardless.

·        Is there another place to store my files/attachments?

You are able to request SharePoint sites in order to store work in progress documents, Defence Connect to collaborate on documents and the Defence Intranet's MOSS or your devices for a more permanent solution.

·         What is the quickest way to reduce my mailbox size?

Open Email in Defence Gateway Webmail, go through each folder (start with Sent items), sort by size and remove emails with large attachments and any you don’t need. You can also download emails for audit purposes. If you don't see the Size column you'll need to you use the Preview button on the top menu bar, and switch to "Bottom Pane" view. This will allow you to see the Size column.
You can then sort your mails by size to help you find the largest items.

·         Where can I see my mailbox size to see if I am over the limit or not?

Login to Webmail ( and you will see your quota usage in the bottom left hand side of your screen, expressed as a percentage.

·         Can I upgrade to a larger mailbox?

No, this is due to funding.

·         What happens if I don’t reduce my Mailbox size?

You'll still be able to receive emails to your ArmyMail account but won't be able to send any more until the quota is met.

·         Can I find old emails if I don’t reduce my mailbox in time?

Currently we have no plans to remove emails but as above if you're over quota you won't be able to send any more emails.

·         What email, what storage? Where can I find this? How can I get my 1GB of email?

Currently only the Royal Navy, Army and Cadets have subscribed to email. RAF users please contact the 9TSU or [email protected] for further information .

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