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SharePoint 2007 Site is being Decommissioned
Posted by , Last modified by on 12 Jul 2016 10:41hrs

Some sites and content have already been moved, others still remain. 

We now need to move all the remaining sites as we are due to decommission the 2007 service on the 12th August.  

What are we planning to do?  

Over the next 4 weeks all remaining content will be moved and then we we close down the 2007 service and the server will be decommissioned. 

Sites and Content will be moved here:  

What do you need to do?  

Users have the opportunity to be moved to the new ARMY specific SP site here:  

f you would like this to happen then please complete a request form here:  

If you do not complete the form your site will be moved anyway, but it will moved to the migrated content (Holding Area) area on:

What will we do (IAS)?  

We will start the site content moves now in order to meet the deadline of the 12th August.  

Sites on 2007 will be backed up and frozen and moved to the new 2013 service. 

What do you need to do? 

We are aware of issues that may be encountered.  

Some issues we simply won't be able to resolve. Features and templates that were present in 2007 are simply not available in 2013. In this case, work will be required by the site owners to reorganise and restructure their sites to display and work as required in 2013.  

after migration, if your site appears to be working as normal, then great, no further action is required. If however, you encounter problems or experience issues that are not expected, and different from the issues we describe above (like missing content), then please contact us by simply raising a support ticket here:

Please select "SharePoint Migration" from the Issue drop down. 

For general questions not related to problems or issues, please use the Defence Connect Group here: 

Finally, can I ask please that in correspondence you include your site location so we know which site we need to look at. 

Your help in this matter is much appreciated.

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