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DLE Site policy
Posted by Alexandra Chatterley, Last modified by Alexandra Chatterley on 21 Oct 2022 16:18hrs

DLE (Defence Learning Environment) Site Policy error

If you keep receiving a pop-up on the DLE stating “site policy not agreed” (as seen above), please do the following.


  1. Close the site policy pop-up by clicking the “x” icon.
  2. Navigate to your profile (close the policy pop-up if it comes up again), scroll down, and you will see the following;
  3. If you click “policies and agreements”, it will then take you to the list of policies you need to accept.You will then be able to accept any outstanding policies.

Please note that when accessing the DLE for the very first time, you need to fill in your critical profile details (such as rank and TLB) before you will be able to navigate to the policies and agreements section.

You may receive the sitepolicynotagreed error during this – cross off this until you have filled in your details, and you will then be able to follow the steps above.


If the issue persists, please try another device such as a phone, tablet, or alternative computer. You should also clear your browser cookies to ensure a full cache refresh. If it persists further, please try on another browser such as Edge.

If you still receive the error after following all of the steps above, please contact SPOC/Alix.

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