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My details aren't the same as they are on the system? Apprently my DOB is incorrect?
Posted by , Last modified by Alexandra Chatterley on 15 Feb 2022 14:30hrs

The JPA/MyHR provide us with a feed which contains a list of serving personnel and their associated DOBs and service numbers. We use these when registering to make sure they details entered are the same on the list. This ensures we only give access to users who are serving personnel and not someone who is just imitating.

In other words, if the DOB is wrong on our system then JPA/MyHR will need to double check the feed they have sent us - We do not manage this information. Also we cannot contact JPA/MyHR on behalf of any other user due to Data protection laws so you will need to contact them yourself and it is worth noting that we only upload the JPA/MyHR feed once monthly so it may take up to 30 days for the changes to take effect.

You may, however, want to create a temporary account and upgrade your account at a later date. You can do this via: >Register>Are you current serving MOD personnel with a valid Staff/Service Number? This includes Navy, Army, RAF, Navy RFA, Civil Servants and Westminster users>No>Do you have access to a DII email account?>Yes ... Complete all of your details correctly.

Also please ensure your SyOps is up to date otherwise this will stop you from getting online via DII. The SPOC can help you with any issues you have with SyOps or EGS

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