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Printing Pay Statements/P60s
Posted by , Last modified by Alexandra Chatterley on 08 Jan 2020 09:14hrs

Any page on the internet can be printed, just like the pay statements page on My Admin. Depending on your browser (e.g. Chrome, IE, Safari etc) you can right click on a page and click print, go to file; from the top toolbar, and press print or holding the Ctrl button and pressing P while Ctrl is pressed.

You can then print the page to paper or keep it in a digital format by printing as a PDF or XPS document, again depending on your browser; which will determine what options are available here to you.

FireFox Printing:

IE (A.K.A. Internet Explorer) Printing:

Chrome Printing:

Safari Printing:

Other versions can be found by searching "how to print a page on X" where X is the name of your browser, into any search engine like Google or Bing.

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