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Qualifications - How to Bulk Load Qualifications after a Course on Westminster
Posted by , Last modified by Louise Hackett on 19 Dec 2019 15:46hrs

Once a Course has taken place, a Course Owner can Bulk Load qualifications to Adults / Cadets who attended the course and achieved any qualifications.

How to Bulk Load Qualifications:

  •          From the Westminster Homepage, click on the arrow next to Activities and click “Course Search”
  •          Find the relevant Course by typing in the Course Name or Activity Code in the search bar at the top of the page and click “Go”
  •          Once you have found the relevant Course, ensure it is the correct course by confirming the Activity Code, Course Name and Start Date etc.
  •          Click on the correct Course Name to open the Course

Please Note: The attendance must be updated before any qualifications can be Bulk Uploaded.

  •          On the left handside of the page under “Course Menu”, click on “Course Admin” and then click “Adult / Cadet Students” from the dropdown list

This will show all the Adults / Cadets who have been booked onto the course.
If the attendance hasn’t been updated, you must change the “Status” accordingly:

  •          Choose the relevant “Status” from the dropdown list next to each Adult / Cadet
  •          Once all the Attendees attendance has been updated, click “Apply Changes” to save the change (A message in yellow will appear at the top of the page stating “Attendee booking details have been updated”
  •          Click “Return” to go back to the Course homepage
  •          On the left handside of the page under “Course Menu”, click on “Course Admin” and then click “Adult Results” or “Cadet Results” from the dropdown list

This will list all the attendees and you are able to load any qualifications they have achieved during this Course.

If there is more than one Module on this course, please ensure you are on the correct Module before loading any qualifications to Cadets / Adults (On the top right of the screen under “Module Select” > Click on the relevant Module from the dropdown list).


If ALL the attendees passed this Module:

a)    Click on the empty white box next to “PNumber”, this will tick the white box next to all attendees

b)    On the right handside of the screen under “Bulk Load”, choose the correct “Result” from the dropdown list

c)    Click the “Bulk Load” button to save the changes

d)    This will automatically Bulk Load the qualification to the attendees you selected


If you would prefer to enter the result to each individual Adult Cadet:

a)    Under the “Result” Column, choose the relevant Result from the dropdown list next to each attendee

b)    Click “Apply Changes” to save the changes


The Qualifications will manually be awarded to their individual personnel records.

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