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Veterans who change Service but not showing on the JPA feed - Access to the DLE
Posted by Alexandra Chatterley, Last modified by on 22 Jun 2015 13:41hrs

Veterans who have changed career path to either Navy, RAF, CS or RM and can not access the DLE but already have an account should do the following:

Log into, "My Settings" and "Upgrade Account", complete the relevant fields say "No" to the service number and "Yes" to the address. If you do not hold a [email protected] email address they will need to go down the sponsored route; detailed in the Won't let me register Knowledgebase article.

Please note you will only be able to access the DLE and will have limited access to areas of Defence Gateway.

Also please ensure your SyOps is up to date otherwise this will stop you from getting online via MODnet. The SPOC can help you with any issues you have with SyOps or BPS.

If you are rejoining the services or moving to other part of it, your details will eventually appear on the feed provided by DBS and you will be able to upgrade your account again; this time saying "Yes" to the service number part instead. This will allow greater access to the Defence Gateway.

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