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Ensure that you have clicked the remember this device when asked to authenticate, this will then not trigger again until the 60 day period is up or you change your device.

Google Authenticator

This uses the Google Authenticator app to provide tokens. You need to install Google Authenticator on your Android or Apple devices and then use the app to scan a QR code which will be shown once you click the button below. Once the code has been scanned this will be stored in the app. Every time you login, you will use the app to get a new code to type in.

Google Authenticator can be found in the app stores at Android or Apple

Please ensure that you have entered the correct format for the country code  to where your mobile device is registered to – ie If UK +4477 etc – Please remember to drop the 0.

Please check that you have added the correct email address.

Check your SPAM/Junk folder for the link.

If you have selected Hotmail/gmail etc that the email has not dropped into the various folders these applications use.


If you are logging into the Defence Gateway through MODnet you will not need to authenticate as this has already recorded as a trusted device.  Should you then log in via your personal device you will be presented with the 2FA options to authenticate against.

You will be required to authenticate every 60 days, unless you change devices within that 60 day period or did not click the remember this device option

2FA - Bypass Trusted Traffic -  Validated via MODnet

2FA - Bypass valid Cookie - Has ticked the remember device

2FA - Created - 2FA option chosen

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