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Knowledgebase : Defence Gateway Information and Issues

The only accepted email domains for DII and MODNET accounts are as follows:
If your email domain is not in the list above, you will not be able to use it as your validating email address. If you are a crown servant and have a business need to have access to the Defence Gateway then please submit a ticket and we will attempt to add you to the accepted list of email domains.

Please note that Defence Gateway is OFFICIAL only but if you are unsure as to what to mark OS and thus not put on DGW then please look at page 3 of the "Government Security Classifications FAQ Sheet 1: Working with OFFICIAL Information v1.2 – April 2013" found on here:

You should use your own judgement "where there is a clear and justifiable requirement to reinforce the ‘need to know’ as compromise or loss could have damaging consequences for an individual (or group of individuals), an organisation or for HMG more generally."

If you don't think that that information could have damaging consequences if compromised or lost, especially to media sources, then I wouldn't put it on.

If you think you have found information that may be in breach of this please report it to us immediately so we can raise in through the proper channels.

Serving Navy, Serving RAF, MOD Civil Servants, Serving and Retired Army, guests of serving Army and corporate individuals/bodies involved in MOD Acquisition. Also MoD sponsored students have the ability to get accounts.

If you leave the Army you can retain your account indefinitely (this is currently under review) but with limited access but it is yet to be seen if this will continue in the future.

For Civil Servant users your account will be deleted when you leave the service. This will happen three months from the date when your details no longer appear on MyHR. 

Also please ensure your SyOps is up to date otherwise this will stop you from getting online via DII/MOdnet  The SPOC can help you with any issues you have with SyOps or BPS.

Due to the COVID pandemic some Contractor accounts have not been able to validate their Defence Gateway accounts via the link sent to their MoDnet email accounts.    We have extended the validation dates several times over the past year to allow for users to still to access their accounts to complete the DLE Mandatory training.

From Thursday 22 April we are releasing a new process for Contactors that CAN NOT validate their Defence Gateway accounts as they do not have access to a MODnet device.  

Accounts that have been created using the Contractor option will receive an email asking them to validate their Defence Gateway Accounts via the link sent to their MODnet email address. 

Please copy and paste the email link into the Chrome browser to start the validation process, check your spam/junk folder for the email.

Once you have validated your account you will not need to validate for another 90 days.

If you are a serving Civil Servant with an active MyHR service number or a Military person who has used this option to register as their service number was not in the database can upgrade their accounts from My Accounts – Upgrade Account – Say Yes to the Service number to complete the process. 

If you do not have access to MODnet we have created a facility where you can ask a Crown Servant  who holds the Rank of C2/OF3 to sponsor your account.

Once your sponsor has been found please give them your Defence Gateway username.  They will need to log into their Defence Gateway Account to see the option to add your username to the sponsor area.

 Sponsors will see the new feature from the menu bar below.

Once the username has been searched the fields below will populate, the sponsor is to check these details are correct and then click on the Sponsor this user box.

The List below will show the Sponsor how many accounts that are sponsoring, you can manage and remove users from this option.

The current Sponsor has the ability to transfer ownership of their users to another Crown Servant.  The user is to give the new sponsor their Defence Gateway username, the new sponsor is to open the Sponsor user section and enter the username, the fields will already be filled in for the user -  click on The user is already sponsored, tick responsibility for this user box for the ownership to transfer.

You are only able to sponsor accounts that have been created in the MODnet Group (accounts that have been created in DSTAN or KiD can not use this option)

Failure to validate/sponsor will result in the accounts being deleted and information lost.  

EGS issues cannot be resolved on this helpdesk and you will need to go to to resolve your issue.

RAF personnel should contact [email protected] and include their service number, date of birth and personal MOD email address

Dstl personnel should contact [email protected]

ASG users should contact [email protected]

DStan users should submit an enquiry via the StanMIS Help Centre

DLE  technical queries should be directed to the SPOC (dialling 188 from a military line) or 0370 6008910 and uttering “DLE”. Please note account access issues unless Sponsored DLE Accounts should be referred to the appropriate Service Helpdesks.  

DLF - contractors without an email address who require access should contact [email protected]

NEXUS users who have access or application issues need to contact [email protected]

Please note the above organisations do not have access to this Helpdesk facility and should be contacted directly via the details provided.

Service Desk Working Hours: Mon - Thu, 08:30am - 17:00pm, Fri 08:30am - 16:30pm, excluding bank holidays. Any tickets raised outside of these times will be dealt with ASAP; during working hours.

If you are a contractor, when raising a ticket, please chose the option above, which best fits who you work with/for.  We will then direct your query to the appropriate Service Desk.  

 This document has been designed to guide individuals who will use the Two Factor Authentication Application alongside your Single Sign-on Username and Password.

The Armynet application has now been decommissioned.  All applications that were inside this site can be found under their own icons from the Defence Gateway landing page.

Any page on the internet can be printed, just like the pay statements page on My Admin. Depending on your browser (e.g. Chrome, IE, Safari etc) you can right click on a page and click print, go to file; from the top toolbar, and press print or holding the Ctrl button and pressing P while Ctrl is pressed.

You can then print the page to paper or keep it in a digital format by printing as a PDF or XPS document, again depending on your browser; which will determine what options are available here to you.

FireFox Printing:

IE (A.K.A. Internet Explorer) Printing:

Chrome Printing:

Safari Printing:

Other versions can be found by searching "how to print a page on X" where X is the name of your browser, into any search engine like Google or Bing.

The issue with MoDbox is due to your permissions... If you are not a serving MoD user with a MoD issued staff/service number, you will not have access to MoDbox by default. You will need to submit a ticket on this helpdesk and provide us with a business need for your requirement of MoDbox and then we can forward that on to the Application owner to approve or reject your case. We can then add you to a permissions group which will give you access to MoDbox.

In short, not everyone has access to MoDbox by default please let us know if and why you need it.

This information can only be accessed from the core platform (MOdnet) -  Defnet 

You may find Defence Connect my reference these documents, please note these may not be the latest versions.

The Defence Gateway is an accredited, controlled access environment enabling OFFICIAL business to be conducted from anywhere on any device over the internet without dependence on DII/Modnet.  It hosts a number of applications including Defence Connect, MODBOX and the DLE as well as email functionality (for Military personnel only).   It is constantly growing and new things are being developed and added to it all the time.

This article will cover how to use the Defence Gateway applications module on the new landing page.

To access the full list of applications on the defence gateway, click 'Manage Applications'.

This brings up the full list of applications. From here, press the icon or name to launch the application or you can click 'What is this?' which will provide a brief description of the application. 

You can add applications to your Applications Favourites panel so they appear at the top when you log in, this makes it easier to access the application next time. To do this click "Add to sites". You can add as many sites as you like, once you have finished click 'Finished Managing' to close the full list of applications. You can remove them again by pressing 'Remove from Sites' whilst 'Manage Applications' is enabled.

If you add more applications to the favourites panel than the size of the module (a standard sized window fits five), some grey navigation dots appear. As you can see under the SharePoint icon below. To use this simply press the lighter colour dot to move to the next page of applications in your favourites panel. This can also be achieved by dragging the applications panel with your mouse.
This feature allows you to create links to your favourite or most used website.

To add a link to your favourite site press 'Add a Favourite'.

Clicking "Add a Favourite" expands the panel, where you can put in the site details.

You can paste your website URL into the site address box, the current text in the input boxes are placeholder text and can be ignored and written over, as in the image below.

Hit 'Add' and the link then appears at the top of the box. You can press 'Finished Adding' to close the panel. To remove the link you just added simply press the 'X' to the right of the link.

This article is to explain how to narrow your search down to provide a more useful list of search results on the new Defence Gateway landing page.

The search box on the new page can be use like any other however as it uses SharePoint it enables you to narrow it down. e.g looking for any pages written by Joe Bloggs I could search ' author:"Joe Bloggs" '. This word brings up a list of articles written by Joe Bloggs in the search results. Other examples can been seen in the table below.

You can search for a specific title by using the title property, for instance title:"An example SharePoint page".

You must ensure to use quotation marks around your search value and leave no space after the colon.

This article should cover the basics you need to know to narrow down your search. For more information on this which goes much further in depth, please visit this site:

Some sites and content have already been moved, others still remain. 

We now need to move all the remaining sites as we are due to decommission the 2007 service on the 12th August.  

What are we planning to do?  

Over the next 4 weeks all remaining content will be moved and then we we close down the 2007 service and the server will be decommissioned. 

Sites and Content will be moved here:  

What do you need to do?  

Users have the opportunity to be moved to the new ARMY specific SP site here:  

f you would like this to happen then please complete a request form here:  

If you do not complete the form your site will be moved anyway, but it will moved to the migrated content (Holding Area) area on:

What will we do (IAS)?  

We will start the site content moves now in order to meet the deadline of the 12th August.  

Sites on 2007 will be backed up and frozen and moved to the new 2013 service. 

What do you need to do? 

We are aware of issues that may be encountered.  

Some issues we simply won't be able to resolve. Features and templates that were present in 2007 are simply not available in 2013. In this case, work will be required by the site owners to reorganise and restructure their sites to display and work as required in 2013.  

after migration, if your site appears to be working as normal, then great, no further action is required. If however, you encounter problems or experience issues that are not expected, and different from the issues we describe above (like missing content), then please contact us by simply raising a support ticket here:

Please select "SharePoint Migration" from the Issue drop down. 

For general questions not related to problems or issues, please use the Defence Connect Group here: 

Finally, can I ask please that in correspondence you include your site location so we know which site we need to look at. 

Your help in this matter is much appreciated.

If you try to export a list on your SharePoint 2013 site to an Excel using the "Export to Excel" button under the "List" menu it will only work if you do it through IE. It exports the list as a random file that Microsoft Office cannot read unless you use Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE).

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