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You will not be able to begin uploading competencies until your driving licence is submitted and approved.

Click ‘More’ tab, then ‘Notes’. Find the competency that was rejected. This will explain why it was rejected. Usual reasons are there was no evidence uploaded, wrong dates, Incorrect paperwork. Further help can be sought from User Guide or your MT section.

Upload your licence details manually, making sure your photocard dates and issue number are correct as well as each licence category dates, then press the green submit button.

Your Hub may have ‘auto approval’ set as the default setting, if this is the case then please ‘refresh’ your screen. Within your home page, you will see that your licence has been approved.

Otherwise, your licence will be sent to your Hub administrator for approval. Again, check your home page to see when it has been approved. You will then be able to upload your competencies for approval.

Follow the set up process until you reach the DVLA link, ignore this and click next. Photograph your national licence (both sides) then add these as attachments for submission to your Hub Administrator for approval.

Approved Licence (Green) Competencies can now be uploaded.

Expired Licence (Blue) you will need to upload your licence again and resign Orders.

Rejected Licence (Red) It has been rejected by the Campbell Administrator, information will be displayed on the Home screen.

Draft Licence (Yellow) If it is in Draft Status, open licence, then click the green ‘Submit’ button at the top right hand side on your ‘Home’ page.

Land Rover currency lasts 12 months. If you drive this platform, ensure that the Activity is recorded through MyDrive, including evidence (ATUD etc.) and this will renew your competency of the vehicle for a further 12 months.

Click on the Standing Orders link               . Click ‘Display in new window’ read and close tab. You will now see ‘I have read Standing Orders’ link which now allow you to ‘Join Hub’.

From the Home Screen, select ‘Drivers’ Hours’ Tab and scroll down to ‘Recent Duty Hours’, then select ‘Edit’. From here you will be able to adjust the duty or other activity date and times.  Duty amendments more than 7 days will need to be amended by a Campbell Manager/Administrator.

From the ‘Home Page’, open the ‘Active Competencies’ feature drop down menu and select the relevant competency. Select the duty period you wish to record the driving activity against, enter start and finish date and time, Vehicle Registration Number, distance driven then select create. Once created you will be given the option to add attachments (ATUD or similar) as evidence.

To correct or update an entry to an Activity, navigate to the Activity tab from the top or bottom of the page (depending if your using desktop or mobile device). Then select the Activity from the pictorial view then make your changes and select Apply Changes to save.

 Upload your licence details manually, making sure your photocard dates and issue number are correct as well as each licence category dates, then press the green submit button.

On step one of uploading a new licence select the drop-down menu ‘What is the issuing country of the driving licence’ and select ‘UK NI licence’. On step two upload scans/pictures of both sides of your licence, proceed to step three and enter details of licence categories and end dates. This also works for non-GB licenses.

During the transition of roll out of MyDrive, your Hub administration team will be working tirelessly to transition all its MT (Mechanical Transport) customers from paper to the new digital record system. Please be patient and regularly check your MyDrive account for updates.

Please contact your local Hub administration team, if they cannot help then they will  escalate your question to your Community lead.

You can still complete manual records (eat sleep cards) and then retrospectively create a manual duty.

 No. Unless you are requested to record Drivers’ Hours when operating vocational vehicles. However, it is good habit to record driving activities within a duty period to remain competent and current on your frequently operated platforms.

Yes, you can join more than one Hub. Please remove yourself from Hub’s not regularly frequented.

No. Download a PDF copy from the Home screen to your laptop or phone. This is your electronic F/MT600. However, Hubs are being created for most if not all deployed locations, speak to your local MT staff or search for the Hub (location) you will deploy to.

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