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For all other help issues:-

Knowledgebase : MyMuster

You can make some changes in JPA, MyDetails App or speak to your Admin Office

Leave data takes up to 48 hours once approved in JPA to reach MyMUSTER. If it has been longer since you have submitted your leave pass, you may want to view JPA to see if the leave submission was successful.

The Upcoming Activities on the MyMUSTER home page are refreshed automatically every hour. Hitting the Refresh button on your browser does not shorten this refresh period.

RAG status meanings for the current page/section are explained under the "App Support-Page Help" link

Follow the "App Support-Raise an Incident" link and login to the DGW Helpdesk. Include a screenshot and/or MyMUSTER Incident Number if available.

Via the SKiL app in the Defence Gateway - see link under "App Support"

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