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For all other help issues:-

Knowledgebase : ATG(A) Online Booking System (OBS)
1. From the website, hover over 'My Account' and select 'Instructor Login'
2. Click the blue 'AT Account Tools' button, then select 'Reset Password'
3. Enter the email you registered on this account and the username supplied.
4. You will receive an email with a temporary password.
5. When you receive the email, navigate back to the login page and login with your username and the temporary password. Ensure you clear any ............. from the password fields, which may automatically be inserted by your browser.
6. If you enter both the username and password correctly, then you move onto the next step.
7. Again, make sure you remove any paswords entered for you by your browser as .............. into the password field, the new password field and the confirm pasword field.
8. Enter the temporary password supplied, your new password and confirm the temporary password. Ensure you follow the password creation rules displayed on that page.
You are tryng to acess ATSYS and you receive a blank page with '400 Bad Request' at the top of the page. 

Check that you are using Google Chrome.

If you still get an error message then it's most likely it's because this is the first time you have tried to acess ATSYS and you don't have a LUMS profile.

To get a LUMS profile you need to call the IAS SPOC:

1. Telephone the IAS SPOC as follows:
- Dial 188 from a Mil Phone.
- Wait for the automated message then press 0 for the automated voice recognition system.
- Ask for HQ Land Forces.
- Listen to the recorded message then press 3 for application faults
- Then press 6 for all other applications.
- You are then placed in a Queue - Wait until you are collected then explain your problem.


2. Email the Service Desk with full details of your issue on [email protected]

Once the IAS SPOC has created your LUMS profile, revisit the ATSYS page from the Defence Intranet and you should be able to request aces to ATSYS.  Once you have then requested ATSYS, your request will be dealt with within one working day.
If you need to contact ATG(A) to cancel or amend a Course Booking, you can contact the relevant Courses Clerks; details below:

Courses for Individuals
95581 - Ext 7955, 7911 or 7966
Civil - 01248 718355, 11 or 66

For Unit Course Bookings
94344 8012 or 01980 618012
If you're unable to make changes to your JSATFA it is likely that you've already completed the Expedition Leader signature. This moves the JSATFA to stage 2 at which point no changes can be made.

You need to contact your AT Desk Officer so the JSATFA can be reset. This process will move the JSATFA back to stage 1, retaining all the data entered except the signatures.

SO2 AT Desk Officer (North) - 0131 310 3639
SO2 AT Desk Officer (Central) - 01952 674368
SO2 AT Desk Officer (South) - 01252 349177
London District SO2 G7 PD - 0207 414 2402
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