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The DLE is an application on the Defence Gateway.  Therefore, all access to the DLE is through the Defence Gateway Single Sign On. 

All personnel who are registered on JPA, MyHR, Westminster or Magellan, or contractors with a DII/MODNet account (ie email addresses), must create an account directly with Defence Gateway (DGW). Please refer to the Defence Gateway homepage: for assistance.

Other users who do not have a DII/MODNet account will require a MoD sponsor in order to register for a DLE user account. Please refer to the 'How to create DLE user accounts for contractors' or 'How to create DLE user accounts for Sponsored Students' information below.

Users who do not have a JPA/MyHR Service number or access to email will need to be sponsored by a Crown Servant who holds the rank of OF3/C2 and hold a full Defence Gateway Account.

The sponsor will need to log into - DLE - Support - User Accounts & Passwords - How to Create a Sponsored DLE User. 

On completion of the form the sponsor is required to contact the SPOC for them to provide  a reference number and the email address to email the form to.

MODNET users – Please ask Sally about "Student Defence Gateway Accounts", use the link to contact the SPOC via Live Chat, Call Me Now or Scheduled Call Back and the application form will be issued to the DLE team.

NON MODNET users – Please contact the SPOC on 188 or 0370 600 8910 and the application form will be issued to the DLE team.

There is a "Support, Make the most of E-Learning" section and page on the Defence Learning Environment for use of current DGW users which states:

"Sponsored Students will require a MoD sponsor in order to register for a DLE user account. This includes, but is not limited to: pre-Phase 1 trainees and Foreign students.

Applications must be made by a sponsor who is of minimum OF3/C2 rank and is located within the Training Establishment from where the student is to undertake their training and education. To apply for a Sponsored Student account, the sponsor is to complete the spreadsheet, found on the DLE front-page, under  "Support, Make the most of E-Learning" section, then "User Accounts & Passwords" and finally "How to create Sponsored DLE user account" having first read the attached notes. Please note that incomplete or incorrectly completed forms will be returned."

For any further assistance please do the following:

  • "If you encounter a problem with a specific course, please contact your course administrator; contact details should be available from the Course Page

  • MODnet users that require DLE technical assistance should access the the ALIX Virtual Agent in the first instance.   Users who do not have access to MODnet and the Virtual Agent should contact the SPOC (dialing 188 from a Military line) or 0370 6008910 with the utterance of "DLE". 

  • Account access issues unless Sponsored DLE accounts should be referred to the appropriate Service Helpdesks.

Please be advised that discussions with SPOC agents during calls to the SPOC may be recorded for training purposes.

The DLE team cannot help with specific courses beyond assisting in contacting the course administration team."

When you first access the DLE you will be asked to agree to four policies in order to get access. The DLE User SyOPs, Privacy Notice, Cookie Policy and Copyright DIN. It will bring each policy up in turn and you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page to accept each one.


Once you have done this you will be presented with a final agreement screen similar to the one below, you will need to ensure all check boxes are ticked, if they are not then you should tick them and then click ‘next’. Only then will you get access to the DLE.

  1. Click on the three horizontal lines in the top right hand corner and choose settings.
  2. At the bottom of the page in blue “show advanced settings” you will need to click this.
  3. Under privacy click “Content Settings”
  4. Scroll down to find the Pop Up section.
  5. You can either allow all pop ups or you can click “manage exceptions”
Within Manage exceptions type – https://[*.]

From the "Home" page, My Courses, select the course you wish to unenrol from. Looking at the Administration block on the left hand side, click on the 'Unenrol me from ' link. You will be presented with the message "Do you really want to unenrol yourself from ?" click "Continue" and you will be unenrolled from that course. On clicking "Continue" you will be returned to the "Home" page where you will see that the course has been removed.

If you do not see this option, it is likely that you have been enrolled on a course by a training establishment: You need to contact your course administrator/instructor for that course, contact details should be on the top right hand block of the course.

Please follow the instructions in the attached document to enable POP-UPS within the DLE Application. 

Click the padlock and select bottom option “site settings”
A new tab will open,
locate “Javascript”,“Flash” and “Popups”.
Set all to allow.
If on MODNET you may not be able to amend the Javascript settings.
Now close the settings tab, which will take you back to the DLE page, if showing click reload to
apply settings, otherwise reload the page.
Now launch the course again and the issue should be resolved.
Veteran accounts do not have access to the DLE application.

If you have rejoined the Reserves/FTRS you will need to wait for your service number to appear back on the JPA import before you will automatically have access.   (Registration feed is uploaded once a month).

If you have access to email then you can upgrade your account which will give you access to the DLE - My Account - Upgrade Account - Say NO to the Service Number and Yes to email.  Complete all fields and Upgrade.     

Once your details are on the import you will need to upgrade again - DLE - My Account - Upgrade Account - Say YES to the Service Number -  complete all fields and Upgrade. 

If you do not have access to email then your account will need to be sponsored by and OF3/C2 equivalent.  The Sponsor will need to Log into Defence Gateway - DLE - Support - Accounts & Passwords and How to sponsor an account - Complete the spreadsheet.  Please ensure that the service number is included on the spreadsheet - this will allow DLE access to an existing account.

The error message you are receiving is due to flash player not being enabled on your browser. To enable this please follow the instructions on the link below:


Unlike the DLP, there is no central record of training undertaken on the DLE. It is incumbent on students to keep certificates and/or screenshots, and on schools to keep records of participation and completion. 

However, in most cases on Defence Learn, it is possible to retrieve a certificate if you have previously completed the course and subsequently unenrolled.  Just re-enrol on the course and under most circumstances the DLE will have retained your progress and you will be able to re-print your certificate without having to redo the course. 

When we provide services, we want to make them easy, useful and reliable. Where services are delivered on the Internet, this sometimes involves placing small amounts of information on your device, for example, computer or mobile phone. These include small files known as cookies. They cannot be used to identify you personally.

These pieces of information are used to improve services for you through, for example:

  1. Enabling a service to recognise your device so you don't have to give the same information several times during one task
  2. Recognising that you may already have given a username and password so you don't need to do it for every web page requested
  3. Measuring how many people are using services, so they can be made easier to use and there's enough capacity to ensure they are fast

More information about cookies can be found at Google Inside Search Preferences help, and within JSP745 (via the Defence intranet only).

The DLE will process personal information provided by you in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, for the purposes of processing enquiries, collection of statistical and associated data, and related matters.

You can manage these small files and learn more about them from the article, Internet Browser cookies- what they are and how to manage them

If you'd like to learn how to remove cookies set on your device, visit:


This generally means you have not unenrolled from a course. 

If you have completed the course, unenrol by clicking on ‘unenrol me from this course’, under ‘Course Administration’ in the Administration block at the top left of the page.

NOTE: Ensure you have printed off any certificates required before un-enrolling from a course.

Use the navigation block on the left hand side of the page. From there you can access any part of the DLE you have been given access to.

Click on Defence Learn. You will then see 4 tabs; click on Mandatory and if the course is hosted on the DLE it will be listed.  

If you cannot find it in Defence Learn, it may not be mandated to all MoD employees, or it may be hosted elsewhere, eg Civil Service Learning. A list of all courses mandated across Defence and their locations (DLE, Civil Service Learning, etc) is available on the Defence Intranet; search the Defence Intranet for ‘Mandatory Training’. 

If the course is not one of those mandated to all MoD employees, but you still need to complete it, search for it in Defence Learn or Schools, as appropriate.

If you are searching for a Defence-wide mandated or a course which you are choosing to do yourself then go to Defence Learn. From there you can Search or Browse for a course. If you know the course code or title, use the Search function. If you know the generic area of study or interest, use the browse function.

The DLE is an application on the Defence Gateway.  Therefore, all access to the DLE is through the Defence Gateway Single Sign On and password resets are done using their automated system.  If the automatic system does not work, you should contact Defence Gateway using their help system. 

Please refer to the Defence Gateway page for assistance.

UNLESS; they are a contractor or foreign student who has been sponsored by you in order to gain access to the DLE. In this case select 'no' below when replying to the question 'Does this information resolve your enquiry?' and then contact us using the 'Get in Touch' button below.

Unfortunately the DLE team are not able to amend your name on your Defence Gateway account. You will need to contact the Defence Gateway by logging in to  and selecting the “help” button from the drop down in the top right hand corner. In the search box on the next page type "submit a ticket".  Once you have clicked on the result you should follow the onscreen instructions.  The Defence Gateway team will be able to assist.

The Low Value Purchasing Course has been removed from the DLE at the request of the course sponsor. They have provide the below link to complete the course.

If you have any issue you should contact the course sponsor, Issac Joy, on [email protected]

The Basic IT Security course is no longer available on the DLE as the course is out of date. The information from this course is now included in the Defence Information Management Passport: Information Matters course which is on the MOD mandatory training list
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