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Knowledgebase : MyLeave

Access to the MyLeave application is via the Defence Gateway using your Smartphone, tablet, laptop or through MODnet. 

If you already hold a Defence Gateway account log in using your JPA service number and password created for the account.

If you do not hold a Defence Gateway Account create an account using your JPA Service number.

Within the Defence Gateway landing page click on the MyLeave Icon to enter your leave dates, address of the leave, Telephone number and tick to confirm your leave has been approved.  Click the Green button to submit your application.

NB*  A pop-up box with a green tick will appear if the submission has worked and pending will appear next to the leave request.  It may be a few minutes before you are told whether the leave request has been successful or not.  Pending will change to successful if it has or unsuccessful with the reason if it has not. For example, ‘you don’t have enough leave.’ If your leave request is successful you will then see your remaining leave balance.

The interaction between the MyLEAVE App and JPA is one-way. Unless a transaction between the App and JPA is made it will only display the balance as per the previous transaction. New Leave entered onto the MyLEAVE App will change the balance offered in the Application. If, however, you enter leave directly onto JPA it will not show in the App until after the next leave is entered into the MyLEAVE App. JPA will always show the current leave balance as is and is the over-riding truth.

Your HR Administrator should be contacted if there are any issues.

You cannot remove leave that has been submitted, please contact your HR Administrator to action this on your behalf.

Currently there are only 2 options available within the MyLeave application, more will follow as the application matures.

Refer to your HR administrator to submit other instances of leave – Compassionate/SPL or log into the JPA portal to do this if you have the access to do so.

You will need to add leave addresses outside of the UK on a JPA terminal.

This is correct – you will need to contact your HR Administrator to action this on your behalf.

The first time you use the My Leave icon, you will see your leave balance as zero. You will only see your current remaining leave balance after you have submitted your first request this way.


Your CoC  must FIRST approve your leave period before entering this onto the MyLeave App

Tri-service regulations for leave and other types of absences (JSP 760)

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