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Failed to Fetch, Identity 4 Error - Page failing to load
Posted by Alexandra Chatterley, Last modified by Matt Trimby on 25 May 2021 18:53hrs

Error messages  - Failed to fetch, Identity 4. Page not loading.


Our technical team have carried out their investigations and identified the issues could be one of the following.


From a Private External Network


Access to the Defence Gateway  from another Business platform may experience issues if CORs requests are not being returned properly by your company network, also there could be a possibility the Anti Virus software is breaking these requests.     We have tried to make contact  with some of these Companies IT Network team to resolve the issue but are not keen to engage with us.


Access from Legacy MOD Platforms – (Non DII/Modnet)


Issues are again from networks not supporting CORs requests and possibly the Anti Virus breaking these requests, we have also identified some of these sites do not have Chrome installed and IE is not a supported browser.


Most of these sites are not supported by the SPOC, unless you are able to supply a route to IT Team that support your platform we are unable to carry out further tests.


You will need to access the Defence Gateway away from your work Platforms, ensure that you use a modern browser such as Chrome. 


If you need access to particular sites we can send you the URL’s to these areas which may work.

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