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Is my data OFFICIAL Sensitive? What security classification is all the data on DGW?
Posted by , Last modified by Alexandra Chatterley on 05 Jan 2023 09:21hrs

Please note that Defence Gateway is OFFICIAL only but if you are unsure as to what to mark OS and thus not put on DGW then please look at page 3 of the "Government Security Classifications FAQ Sheet 1: Working with OFFICIAL Information v1.2 – April 2013" found on here:

You should use your own judgement "where there is a clear and justifiable requirement to reinforce the ‘need to know’ as compromise or loss could have damaging consequences for an individual (or group of individuals), an organisation or for HMG more generally."

If you don't think that that information could have damaging consequences if compromised or lost, especially to media sources, then I wouldn't put it on.

If you think you have found information that may be in breach of this please report it to us immediately so we can raise in through the proper channels.

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