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New Validation process for Contractors who no longer have access to MODnet
Posted by Alexandra Chatterley, Last modified by Alexandra Chatterley on 15 Feb 2022 14:24hrs

Due to the COVID pandemic some Contractor accounts have not been able to validate their Defence Gateway accounts via the link sent to their MoDnet email accounts.    We have extended the validation dates several times over the past year to allow for users to still to access their accounts to complete the DLE Mandatory training.

From Thursday 22 April we are releasing a new process for Contactors that CAN NOT validate their Defence Gateway accounts as they do not have access to a MODnet device.  

Accounts that have been created using the Contractor option will receive an email asking them to validate their Defence Gateway Accounts via the link sent to their MODnet email address. 

Please copy and paste the email link into the Chrome browser to start the validation process, check your spam/junk folder for the email.

Once you have validated your account you will not need to validate for another 90 days.

If you are a serving Civil Servant with an active MyHR service number or a Military person who has used this option to register as their service number was not in the database can upgrade their accounts from My Accounts – Upgrade Account – Say Yes to the Service number to complete the process. 

If you do not have access to MODnet we have created a facility where you can ask a Crown Servant  who holds the Rank of C2/OF3 to sponsor your account.

Once your sponsor has been found please give them your Defence Gateway username.  They will need to log into their Defence Gateway Account to see the option to add your username to the sponsor area.

 Sponsors will see the new feature from the menu bar below.

Once the username has been searched the fields below will populate, the sponsor is to check these details are correct and then click on the Sponsor this user box.

The List below will show the Sponsor how many accounts that are sponsoring, you can manage and remove users from this option.

The current Sponsor has the ability to transfer ownership of their users to another Crown Servant.  The user is to give the new sponsor their Defence Gateway username, the new sponsor is to open the Sponsor user section and enter the username, the fields will already be filled in for the user -  click on The user is already sponsored, tick responsibility for this user box for the ownership to transfer.

You are only able to sponsor accounts that have been created in the MODnet Group (accounts that have been created in DSTAN or KiD can not use this option)

Failure to validate/sponsor will result in the accounts being deleted and information lost.  

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